Si's Trees: landscape oil painting

"Si's Trees" Landscape, Oils on Canvas

This is a private commission for an arboriculturist, of two ancient yew trees in a heavily landscaped Victorian garden.

The rock that the trees are draped over was exposed during the landscaping process, part of the Victorian desire for romance: to 'improve' Nature to heighten a garden's atmosphere. As a result, a lot of the soil had eroded away, leaving the tree roots bare. Yew trees are tenacious, however, and both are thriving. I deliberately used soft tones and muted lighting in the background to accentuate the Romantic ideal.

I love painting textures in oil landscapes, and the roots snaking over the rocks and delving into the sandy soil was a perfect subject. There’s a sense of fluidity in the trees, even though both are well over 300 years old and clearly haven’t moved for some time!