The Road North: Scottish Highland Landscape in Oils

"The Road North": Scottish Highland Landscape in Oils

I wish I could remember exactly where this bridge is in Scotland, as I took the photo while touring the Scottish Highlands well over a decade ago, and spotted this lovely bridge and rocky river – a perfect subject for an oil painting – en-route to a hotel. I didn’t make a note of the town we were passing through, and now whenever anyone asks me where it is, the best I can come up with is "Er, Scotland, somewhere..." I'd be delighted if anyone can pinpoint it for me, so I can label it properly.

From a painter’s point of view, it was a challenge to present the different types of water, from the spume of the cataracts to the mirror shine of the static pools. I think the most successful element of the painting is the stand of Scots Pine trees on the left of the bridge, with their rusty-coloured under-painting showing through the layers of oil paint on top.