Graphics, Logos and Illustrations

I have included a selection of some of my illustrations, graphics and logos, in styles varying from accurate line art to cartoon and caricature.

My techniques: hand drawn artwork, coloured digitally or by hand

I don’t use a graphics program to create my designs, they are all hand drawn, and then either coloured by hand or using a computer program, depending on the effect required. For theatre posters and programs I tend to colour in digitally for a flatter, cleaner image which will be easy to understand at a distance.

My illustrative styles

Illustrations of people will always be in an appropriate style for the subject, which could be veering towards caricature for a theatre poster, for example, or classic cartoon for album artwork or school resource file. The source styles I have been called to reference range from classic Victorian lithographic illustrations to 1980s comic book artwork, so if you have a sample in the style you want me to use, please let me know and it can be included in the brief.

My logos also tend to be quite simple, so they can translate to whatever final products the clients need, from small reproductions on business cards through to shop signs several feet high.

The design process

I discuss a client’s vision fully in order to produce a brief, then depending on the complexity of the project either create some concept sketches or move straight to the main design. The number of consultations I have with clients through the design process will depend on the complexity of the project, and will tend to involve sending photographs of the work in progress. I am happy to make revisions to the work at any stage, if needs be.

Visiting clients

I am based in Bath, and happy to travel to Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon, North-East-Somerset and North Wiltshire at no charge. Where the round trip will be more than 30 miles, I would charge travel expenses at a previously-agreed rate.