Discworld Captain Vimes illustration

Oil Painted Illustration of the Discworld's Captain Sam Vimes

This image of Captain Sam Vimes grabbing a crafty smoke was produced for The Cunning Artificer's Shop, the author-approved outlet for Terry Pratchett's Discworld books and merchandise.

Trying to get the right amount of grime on the illustration wasn’t easy: it finally took about 8 layers of oil paint to make everything look really grubby.

My dad found a very gothic and elaborate mirror frame in a junk shop which fitted the picture perfectly, and set it off really well. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the two together, but it was dark carved oak with a deep Prussian blue inner frame, which brought out the sulphurous yellow of the match and other rather murky details of the Discworld street scene.

I have also done some commissioned work for the Discworld approved merchandise and have included one of my Ankh Morpork Stamp Illustrations on the site.