Allosaurus Dinosaur Maquette

This allosaurus dinosaur model is made with sculpey on a wire frame, painted in acrylic. The dried riverbed made from mdf board and pine.

Brief: anatomically correct allosaurus maquette in a dry river bed set representing the Morrison Formation, from where most fossils of this dinosaur have been found.

What type of skin would an allosaurus have had?

There is much speculation among dinosaur experts regarding what skin type an allosaurus would have had. For this sculpt, I opted for a leathery, reptilian skin with prominent osteoderms, because skin impressions similar to this have been found for the contemporaneous dinosaur predator ceratosaurus. The main alternative is a more heavily scaled texture, as shown in the T-Rex maquette.

Although there is evidence of feathered dinosaurs, these have tended to be smaller theropod species.

I based the maquette as closely as possible on a well-preserved allosaurus fossil mounted in the San Diego Natural History Museum. The pose shows the dinosaur upright, with his tail raised well off the ground. Historically, paleontologists thought dinosaurs would have dragged their tails, but studies of theropod trackways preserved in dried riverbeds such as the one in the model do not include a tail drag mark.